Dallas McCarver Passed Away – Shocking News

At the age of 26 Mr: Dallas McCarver has passed away. According to various sources, Mr: Dallas found on his apartment floor without breathing.

It’s a real shocking news for the bodybuilding industry.

Dallas McCarver was a bodybuilding champion, and he was the best bodybuilders around the world. On that exact day, he shared a video about 160-pound dumbbells chest pressing with his each hand.

He got this much lime light after uploading a video of him. In Mr: Olympia championship he was the youngest participant. Dallas ranked 10th position at Mr: Olympia championship last year.

Dana Brooke, the WWE super star is his girlfriend. According to her Dallas was going to cook for dinner and said “I Love You!. Good Bye!.” over the phone.

People still believe the use of dangerous supplements may be the case for his death. Any how there is no proof to prove that.

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