Kai Greene Remains in Terrific Shape.

Regardless of the reality that Kai Greene hasn’t completed at the Olympia, the experienced bodybuilder has still discovered his method onto the Arnold Classic phase and remains in outstanding condition.

With his open invitation to the Olympia this year, lots of people were hoping that Kai Greene would respond to the call and when again do fight with Phil Heath on stage.

Lots of Bodybuilding enthusiasts had hoped to see the continuing fight in between Phil Heath and Kai Greene. Simply when it was time for the two biggest bodybuilders in the world to deal with off once again, Kai Greene notified the crowds that he would not be performing.

phil and kai

While we aren’t specific of Kai Greene will fight or not, exactly what we are unique of is that he’s staying in leading condition.

Here is Kai’s latest Instagram update.

Before you can become the best that you can be you have to go through all those different stages of evolution to get there. As your physique changes and improves you have to soak up the experience of how you moved from one stage to the next. You have to analyze, educate, and figure out what works and what doesn’t, how your body reacts or doesn’t react to certain disciplines. . Even though my progress to the pros was maybe slower than some others but I never lost sight or became disenchanted with my dream of being a professional bodybuilder. It was a decade long journey of trial and error as I formulated my ever changing plan of action. I think the biggest turning point was in 2007 when I went back to the drawing board, was totally honest with myself as to what I needed to do and how I needed to do it. And then, this is the key, committing myself to doing it. You know people make grandiose statements like “Go Big or Go Home” on social media or wear T-shirts with a slogan like “You Can Be All That You Want To Be”. But making a statement or wearing a T-shirt won’t take you to where you want to be. To accomplish your dreams you have to get in the trenches be honest and commit yourself 100% to a strategic plan. Never give up, keep prevailing and never lose faith that you will achieve your ambition. With that formula in place you can make your dreams reality. . ? Inquiries For Online Coaching | Email -> [email protected] for a breakdown of the plans offered

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