Stop Smoking for a Better Life

Do you think smoking will give any fun or adventure to you?

It’s a big NO!

Most of the manufacturing companies in the cigarette industry may advertise funnily to attract you, don’t just be a fool by trusting these ads on Television and newspapers. It’s common knowledge that there is no fun, taste or adventure in smoking cigarettes.

Stop Smoking for a Better LifeIn advertising, these cigarette manufacturing companies use some short and striking slogans to increase their profits by avoiding the value of the human beings. Some of the greedy multi national billion dollar cigarette manufacturing companies quietly kill people through their products.

The World Health Organization (WHO) issues a detailed report in which around the world every 6.5 seconds a person dies due to the use tobacco products. Tobacco related diseases like heart attack, cancer or respiratory are the main reason for such deaths.

It’s no doubt around the worldwide tobacco is a common risk factor for diseases.

So, just think about one minute of your precious time. Do you believe smoking cigarettes helpful for your mental and physical health?

Still, you believe it’s a right decision to continue smoking?

There are many risk factor involved in smoking cigarettes. You are not only risking your life but also risking the lives of other people just forced to inhale smoke. If you do smoke inside your home, then it’s not okay for the life of your partner and children.

If you need to live a happy and healthy life, just say goodbye to smoking. You must take a strict action NOW by quitting smoking.

Can you do that?

In the world, almost 10 million people die due to the use of tobacco products, most of them are middle ages. According to various resources, 75% of deaths may occur in the developing countries due to the use of tobacco related products. These mortality rates are increasing day by day because of lack of medical facilities and a greater amount of increasing new smokers.

Some of the main reasons of increasing smokers in developing countries are because of lack of education and knowledge. Most of the smokers ignore these warning signs written over the cigarette packets.

Hope this post helpful for you to decide whether you want to continue with this bad habit or not. Is there any friends or family members who are addicted to smoking habits, please guide them to stop smoking!.

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