Tyler Hoechlin And Colton Haynes Co-Starring In The New Bodybuilding Biopic Film “Bigger”


The “Teen Wolf” stars Colton Haynes and Tyler Hoechlin are reuniting in new Bodybuilding biopic “Bigger”. The Biopic film is entirely about bodybuilding and the rise of fitness culture.

In “Bigger” Colton Haynes will play the role of fitness legend Jack LaLanne, An early advocate for physical fitness & nutrition, who opened the first health club in America in 1936.

His Co-star Tyler Hoechlin will play Joe Weider, the founder of the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Mr: Olympia Contest.

The producer of this Biopic film Steve Lee Jones said that story of ‘The brothers’ will shows a powerful example for the youth that, what extreme focus and hard work can achieve.



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